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Welcome to Care Your Kids International Kindergarten Luxembourg!

Children will be welcomed in a warm and caring environment. Our goal is to care for all their fondamental needs.

Our story

Davide CASTELLANO the founder and former owner of Children’s World International Crèche, presents his new concept to you: Care Your Kids.
Working in this area requires dedicated staff, who works with and for children ensuring quality, but in a family environment.
Care Your Kids offers you an educational policy adapted by qualified and international staff, trained and motivated staff, that represent our qualities and the way we take care of children.

Our Nurseries & Day Cares

In Luxembourg - In Belgium


5, rue des Carrefours
L-8015 Strassen

Opening soon


7, rue de Hassel
L-5899 Syren

Opening soon


8, rue Hamm
L-1713 Luxembourg

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Opening soon

Our Goals


Living in armony with others; discovering their environment, developing a sense of responsibility.



Learning to respect themselves and others, discovering materials and internal rules.



Stimulating language development.



Supporting them in the socialization process.



Helping them to respect hygiene norms.



Discovering their environment



Developing a sens of responsabilities.


Our Means

An adaptation and customized adaptation period for the children, during which the parents are present.

A pleasant, safe and relaxing atmosphere and progressive play activities adapted to the children.

Personalized reception.

A single philosophy respected by all kindergarten staff.

Taking advantage of every opportunity to provide children with the means to develop while respecting the pace of each child.

Daily outings and walks and trips for the babies and older children

A wide variety of teaching materials helping the children to motivate themselves and to learn while playing.

Planned use of its equipment (suitable for children) to enable children to become acquainted with their tool of the future (at home, at work and at school).

Activities and daily organization


This is a peaceful and relaxing moment when both children and adults enjoy each other’s company around the table. Breakfast is provided at 9.00am, Collation at 4.00pm and 5.30pm. Lunch which is served at 11.30 am, is well-balanced, varied meal, considering individual diets and religious beliefs and geared towards the discovery of flavors, taste and colors . The meals are adapted to the age of the children and are prepared on a daily basis by Freshealthy Kids.

Fresh and organic food for little ones and children

Great attention is paid to meals. Eager to offer the best possible food to the children they care for. Freshealthy Kids offers an healthy Kitchen for children, using fresh, organic, local and seasonal products, gluten-free, no added sugar, lactose-free. The meals are adapted according to the age of the children and their dietetic program. Parents have the choice of menu for children from 0 to 2 years old. We respect as well religious convictions of the people.

Through this Freshealthy Kids entity, "our desire is to offer a balanced and varied diet," explains Davide, a specialized social educator, also trained in functional nutrition. Kindergartens who wish can also benefit from the dishes concocted by Freshealthy. "It is also particularly interesting for micro-crèches for example, for which having an internal kitchen can be very expensive".


This is a very important time for children as good quality and length of sleep have a positive impact on both their personal fulfillment throughout the day and their growth.


At every stage in their development, children search around, experiment learn and seek to understand. Play underpins creativity, encourages imaginative thought and contributes to personal well-being (feeling satisfied). Various play activities are organized: motor skill exercises, construction activities, manual activities, language activities, musical activities and we also organize various outings for children to explore their environment. For example : walks in the countryside, visits to the farm, visits to plant nurseries, discovering professions (glassblower, baker, police officer, fireman, etc.), visits to puppet theatres and cultural visits.


If you would like to apply for a daycare or a nursery place, you can fill out the Reservation Form and send it to the following e-mail address: info@careyourkids.com

Our staff

The multidisciplinary team is part of our program. We have a complete team to serve our children.

Altogether, kindergarten staff speaks: French, English, Luxemburgish, German, Italian, Spanish.
A multi skills staff: general manager, manager, teachers, nursery nurses, nurses, assistants’ teachers, qualified cooks, housekeepers, educators in sports, gymnastic and swimming activities.

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